Russia should settle the Crimean issue by January 2016 unless it wants its PACE representatives to be stripped of their voting rights. This question will be high on the agenda of PACE’s MPs, reports quoting Nils Muiznieks, Commissioner for Human Rights of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe.

“PACE delegation will discuss whether to resume the Russian delegation’s voting rights. The question of Crimea will be high on the agenda,” says Muiznieks.

It is not yet known what PACE’s response will be like because the situation is remaining unchanged and even deteriorating. According to Muiznieks, EU will continue to work to prevent human rights violations in Crimea and mainland Ukraine.

According to Muiznieks, the European Court for Human Rights is processing 1400 applications submitted from Crimea and Eastern Ukraine. “People are trying to defend their rights with whatever legal means available to them,” said подчеркнул Muiznieks.

The Russian delegation was stripped of their voting rights and excluded from all governing bodies of Pace on April 10, 2014. Back then, PACE adopted a resolution to this effect following Russia’s occupation of Crimea. In 2015, PACE MPs extended the sanctions after which the Russian delegation left PACE building until the end of this year.