AQMESCİT/SIMFEROPOL (QHA) - Preliminary results of the elections of delegates of the Qurultay of Crimean Tatar nation of the 6th convocation in 25 regions in Crimea and Ukraine have summed up. The Head of the Central Election Committee Zahir Smedlâ has informed about this in the press conference at the QHA press centre today.
According to him, 7 political and public organizations and their blocs, which overcome 4% barrier (or 3634 votes), are passing to the Qurultay.
Among of them are Maarifçi (4587 votes), İnkişaf (11861), Adalet (5197), Milliy Haq (29376), CTNMO (8382), Qardaşlıq-Qarasu-CTYC (6901) and Kureş (6728).
Thus, the Maarifçi Association gets 4 mandates, the NGO İnkişaf – 8, the Crimean Tatar National Party Adalet – 4, the Milliy Haq Bloc – 18, the Organization of Crimean Tatar National Movement – 6, the Qardaşlıq-Qarasu-Crimean Tatar Youth Centre Bloc – 5, the Crimean Federation of National Wrestling Kureş – 5.
198 delegates of the Qurultay were elected in the majoritarian districts, 21 out of them are women.
“More than one third of delegates are elected for the first time. This is significant renewal of the Qurultay’s corps. I think something in the strategy and activities of the representative body would be changed”, - Mr. Smedlâ noted.
By information of the CEC, in total 90 850 people or 50.49% out of the Crimean Tatar voters participated in the voting.
It would be recalled that the elections to the Qurultay of Crimean Tatar nation was first conducted on the basis of universal, equal and direct suffrage by the secret ballot.
A single region where the elections were not be held is Uzbekistan. According to different sources, there are about 1.5 thousand Crimean Tatar voters- Ukrainian citizens there.
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