The protesters are holding Ukrainian flags and placards saying ‘Vilkul is a millionaire’, ‘Residents of Krivoy Rog are beggars’, ‘Verkhovna Rada, don’t make Krivoy Rog angry’ and chanting ‘Down with Vilkul!’, reports a QHA correspondent.

It was reported earlier that Yuriy Vilkul, a member of the Opposition Block, won the second round of the November 15 mayoral election by garnering 49,25% of the votes, beating his closest rival Yuriy Miloblog, a member of the Samopomich Party, who won the support of 48,83% of the voters. Miloblog filed a lawsuit claiming the elections were rigged but lost it.

An investigation committee set up by the Verkhovna Rada on November 26 and tasked with looking into cases of electoral fraud, recommended that the Parliament called an early election in Krivoy Rog. However, the Ukrainian MPs failed to muster enough votes to pass a law to this effect.

Protesters who gathered for a rally in Krivoy Rog, decided to go to Kiev to demand that the Parliament authorize a new mayoral election.