The residents of Debaltsevo are on the edge of survival, reported the Special Monitoring Mission of OSCE after its representatives got to the city controlled by ‘DPR’ militants.

Speaking in briefing the Deputy Chairman of SMM OSCE Alexander Hug stated,

“We have managed to get to Debaltsevo city controlled by so-called ‘DPR’ (Donetsk People’s Republic) for the first time in the last two and a half months. We saw a lot of destroyed houses that had not been repaired and armed men in unmarked cars. There were a few people on the streets, and they seem to be on the edge of survival.”

According to him, there are unexploded ordnance and mines posing a danger to people on the streets. It is necessary to remove the mines and mark dangerous areas.  It is also essential to restore the infrastructure of the city, resume the supply of electricity, as it is extremely vital for the coming winter.