(QHA) -

The residents of Crimea, who got Russian passports on the peninsula, will not be able to enter the territory of Ukraine with them, said the head of department of border control and registration in the administration of the State Border Service of Ukraine Oleksandr Zhdanenko.

"Citizens who got the documents there can not enter the territory of Ukraine with them, these documents are invalid," said the representative of the State Border Service.

Prohibition of entry to Ukraine also applies to those who are trying to get into the country from Crimea in vehicles with documents registered on the peninsula. In addition, the country Ukrainian border guards do not let in the cars that entered the peninsula from the Kerch Strait. "If the car came to the territory of Crimea through Kerch, Ukraine does not let it pass," he explained.

However, he noted that the Russians still may enter the territory of Ukraine with both overseas and the internal passports. "No changes were brought into the corresponding agreement signed between Russia and Ukraine," he added.