Residents of Crimea are not supposed to notify the Federal Migration Service of Russia of their Ukrainian citizenship, says a statement posted on the website of the Crimean branch of the Federal Migration Service of Russia.

“As of January 1 2016, residents of Crimea are to submit a notification of having a different citizenship in case they have acquired one. On the day residents of Crimea were recognized citizens of the Russian Federation they did not become citizens of Ukraine but were such as per the Federal Constitutional Law # 6-FK3 March 21, 2014 (March 18, 2014),” says the statement.

According to the statement, if a resident of Crimea without a citizenship has acquired a citizenship of the Russian Federation pursuant to the Federal Constitutional Law # 6-FK3, following which he has acquired a Ukrainian citizenship, he is to notify of this the Federal Migration Service of Russia within 60 days.