FSS personnel have searched homes of the employees of ATR, a company owned by Crimean Tatar businessman Lenur Islyamov. According to the company’s personnel, the searches, conducted with multiple procedural violations, looked more like an act of reprisal.

Roman Spiridonov, ATR’s Editor, wrote on his Facebook page that no lawyers are allowed to see Lilya Budzhurova, a journalist and ATR’s Deputy Director for Information Policy.

“They are preventing Jemil Temishev’s lawyer from seeing Lilya Budzhurova, saying that ‘no no one is allowed in’. We have had no luck so far finding out who is conducting the searches and what case they are being conducted in,” writes Spiridonov.

“At the moment, the search is over,” said Zair Smedlyayev, Head of the Kurultay’s Central Executive Committee.

“The search of Lilya Budzhurova’s place is over. They have seized all office equipment and a mobile phone,” wrote Smedlyayev on his Facebook page.

According to ATR’s Deputy Director Ayder Mudzhabayaev, what is happening now is nothing but a new cycle of reprisal against Crimean Tatars.

“So, what we are witnessing happening is a new cycle of reprisals against Crimean Tatars meant to make everyone living in the invisible ghetto where the indigenous nation has but one right, which is to remain silence, feel fear and despair,” said Mudzhabayev.

Reports emerged earlier this morning that the Russian Central Bank revoked a license and placed under temporary administration Just Bank owned by Lenur Islyamov. A search is currently being conducted in Islyamov’s apartment in Moscow.

The only logical conclusion to be made from all this is that no matter what the Crimean authorities are saying about Crimea’s independence from Ukraine, all this remains nothing but empty rhetoric.

Seasonal disruptions in the operation of the Kerch ferry crossing are triggering negative processes in Crimea, which may lead to irreversible social and economic problems, unless Crimea is back under Ukrainian jurisdiction. All that is causing the occupation authorities to panic, which is why they are trying to intimidate and apply pressure on Lenur Islyamov, one of the organizers of Crimea’s blockade.