The February 26 case initiated by the Russian Investigation Committee is currently being investigated in Crimea. Akhtem Chiygoz, Mejlis Vice Chairman, is charged with organizing mass riots, while Eskender Kantemirov, Eskender Emirvaliyev, Mustafa Degermendzhi, Ali Asanov and Arsen Yunusov are charged with participating in the riots.

The Chiygoz List will include the names of individuals responsible for political persecution of Crimean Tatars and Ukrainians in Crimea. Refat Chubarov has called on fellow Crimean Tatars and Ukrainians to give their suggestions on how should be included on the list.

“We are beginning to draw up the Chiygoz List, i.e. a list of individuals responsible for political persecution of Crimean Tatars and Ukrainians, keeping them in custody and engaging in other repressive actions. Everybody is welcome to post their comments here or send them via PM. Please, be sure to specify the first, middle and last name of a person to be included on the list, as well as his position and reason (in brief) for being put on the list,” wrote Chubarov.

Russian lawyer Nikolay Polozov earlier reported that Akhtem Chiygoz’s custodial term expired on March 9, 2016.  

Two protesters died and 79 received injuries of varying degrees of severity in a stampede that occurred during a rally that took place in Simferopol on February 26, 2014. The majority of those injured had no medical certificates confirming sustaining injuries. Crimea’s Prosecutor Natalya Poklonskaya and Russian investigators are continuing to falsify evidence against the defendants.