(QHA) -

Rector of Crimean Engineering and Pedagogical University (CEPU) Fevzi Yakubov was nominated for Crimean Prime Minister.

His candidacy now will be submitted to Russian President Vladimir Putin.

"I am citizen of Crimea, so I am not indifferent about interests of Crimea and Crimean Tatars. I want to take an opportunity to share my views on the issues and ways on their solving"- Yakubov said to QHA news agency commenting his nomination. 

Crimean Parliament will vote for the republic’s new head on October 9. According to the law, which the parliament adopted on July 30, the republic’s head is elected by members of the Parliament from the list of candidates presented by the Russian president 20 days prior to the election.

Until a new head is elected, Sergey Aksyonov continues to remain acting head of the republic.