Today, Crimean Tatars are holding a protest rally demanding to respond to illegal searches in Crimea, wrote Erfan Kudusov-Beshuyli on Facebook.

- Dear friends and citizens of Ukraine, I ask you to support our protest tomorrow at 9.00 a.m. outside the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry. Our officials have sewed up their mouths, but we won’t be silent! Crimean Tatars - the citizens of Ukraine, the best patriots, are searched by Moscow, cast into jails, and Foreign Affairs Ministry and the President are silent! Where is the OSCE, PACE, UN and other international bodies? Do you want the concentration camps being built tomorrow for the Crimean Tatars in Crimea? wrote Kudusov-Beshuyli.

Eider Muzhdabaev, the Deputy General Director of ATR TV Channel, also supported the initiative.

- The absence of a rapid and coherent reaction of the authorities, in particular the Foreign Affairs Ministry of Ukraine, at the mass wave of reprisals against Crimean Tatars is unacceptable. Tomorrow, by 9 a.m. I will come in person to the building of the Foreign Ministry and I call on to join me all those non-indifferent, who believe that it’s unacceptable for the authorities of a democratic European country to be silent the whole day long under such dramatic events. Let’s meet outside the Foreign Affairs Ministry with Ukrainian and Crimean Tatar flags. We will make it clear for officials it is not right, wrote Muzhdabaev on Facebook.

Photo: Internet