Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine supported (by 269 votes) the Resolution No. 5075 with the appeal to the parliaments of foreign states, parliamentary assemblies and international organizations regarding the elections to the State Duma of the Russian Federation on the territory of the occupied Autonomous Republic of Crimea, a QHA journalist reports. 

It is worth noting that the representatives of the Opposition Bloc party have not supported the Resolution.  

Ukrainian MP Anna Gopko urged the international community not to recognize the results of elections in the annexed Crimea.

“We appeal to the European parliamentarians to refrain from observing elections in Crimea and not to recognize their results. We ask to publish the official statements on non-recognition of elections in the Russian-annexed Crimea,” she said.

The Ukrainian MP explained that it is extremely important to ensure that the persons participating in the elections in Crimea would not be represented in any parliamentary assembly. According to her, only the consistent non-recognition of the annexation by international institutions would allow to return Crimea to Ukraine. 

In turn, the Head of the Crimean Tatar Mejlis and Ukrainian MP, Refat Chubarov, said that Russia would try to find allies in Europe and to carry out the illegitimate elections.

According to him, the Crimean residents are preparing to boycott Russian election on the peninsula.

“There is the phrase ‘the parliamentary elections in Crimea’ throughout the whole text of Resolution. I bring a small correction: There should be written ‘illegal parliamentary elections’,” Chubarov stressed.

It was reported earlier that the elections to the State Duma are to be held in the Russian Federation on September 18. The occupants also decided to conduct them in the annexed Crimea, were four deputies are expected to be elected to the lower house of the Russian Parliament.