Yalta (QHA) - Elections of delegates to the Qurultay of the Crimean Tatar nation of the 6th convocation in Yalta began on June 15th.
As Zarema Mensitova, observer at the elections in Yalta region told QHA news agency, polling stations opened around 8:00 am. There were 11 polling stations in Yalta region.
19 people voted at the polling station located in the area of the mosque in Kiyevska Street, with 30 people having cast their ballot at the station located in the “Zvezdochka” hostel in Sverdlova Street.
Two majority system candidates for delegates of Qurultay are registered in Yalta - the member of the Majlis of the Crimean Tatar nation Zaur Smirnov and the Head of the Koreiz Majlis Hüseyn Çapuh.

Ms. Zarema Mensitova noted that two more candidates on the majority system were to have run in Yalta region, her including, but they had failed to formalize documents and register in time.

As Zahir Smedlâ
, the Head of the CEC for Qurultay noted in a comment to QHA, elections to the delegates of Qurultay went well in general.
"I shall not say that everything was perfect but it was organized on a tide of enthusiasm, thanks to our people. In such circumstances, holding elections at this level is normal. No one forbade anyone, for example, to register as a candidate for the delegates of Qurultay. The curious thing is that the candidates who did not pass say that the election was dirty," Mr. Smedlâ said.

It is to be recalled that the election in Yalta ends the Crimean stage of the elections of delegates of Qurultay of the 6th convocation. Elections in Uzbekistan are due to be held soon, but the exact date is still not known. As Mr. Smedlâ noted, for the elections to be conducted in Uzbekistan, the assistance of the Uzbekistan Embassy in Ukraine and the Ukrainian Embassy in Uzbekistan was needed.