Crimean Tatar NGO ‘Qirim Birligi’ again announced its intention to conduct a Kurultay of Crimean Tatar people-- National Parliament, – Supreme Representative Plenipotentiary Body of the Crimean Tatar people-- saying it would invite representatives of civil organizations and the OSCE (Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe) to monitor the event.

Chairman of the ‘Qirim Birligi’ Seitumer Nimetullayev said this during a press conference in Simferopol.

“We have new leadership in Crimea, the leadership of Russian Federation. The old Kurultay existed under the jurisdiction of Ukraine and under its rules only a Ukrainian citizen can be a Kurultay delegate”- Nimetullayev said.

Nimetullayev also suggested that current Kurultay delegates participate in planned Kurultay elections.

Earlier, head of electoral commission of the Kurultay Zair Smedlyaev said had noted that conducting of Kurultay session was unacceptable in circumstances when Crimean Tatar leaders were not able to participate in the session.

“Mejlis should consider conducting Kurultay session if there is a written appeal signed by Kurultay delegates. Still it will be cynic to conduct the session when the leaders of Crimean Tatar people, I mean Mustafa Jemilev, head of Mejlis Refat Chubarov and Mejlis’s deputy head Ahtem Chiygoz are not able to participate”- Smedlyaev said.