Crimean civil organization “Qirim Birligi” asks Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko to resume water supplies to Crimea.

Head of the organization Seitumer Nimetullaev, ex-head of rayon administration of Ukrainian city of Genichesk, who is wanted in Ukraine for abuse of office, posted a relevant appeal in Facebook, saying the lack of water has a negative impact on social and economical situation of Crimean Tatars.

“The majority of Crimean Tatars live in villages and are engaged in farming. This is the only mean to support our families. Why should peoples, residing in Crimea for ages, I mean Crimean Tatars, Ukrainians, Russians, Greeks, Armenians, Germans and others conflict with each other”- Nimetullaev said. The lack of water causes irreversible process of gypsuming of soil. We are answerable to the God for this tragedy”.

Following Crimea’s unification with, Ukraine has halted water supplies to Crimea via North Crimean Canal, noting over UAH 1.7 million debt should be paid and new prices agreed.

The North Crimean Canal is the largest hydrological installation in Europe and delivers water from the Dnieper River to the Kherson region and Crimea. Nearly 85% of the sweet water in Crimea was delivered via this canal.