If Finland joins NATO, Russia will respond accordingly, Vladimir Putin said at a joint press conference with Finnish President, RIA reports.

According to him, when joining the North Atlantic Alliance Finnish troops will no longer be "independent and sovereign" and become part of NATO's military infrastructure approaching Russia's borders.

"Do you think we'll keep on acting in the same manner - We have withdrawn our troops by 1.5 thousand km. Do you think they will stay there?" Russian President said.

Putin recalled that Russia has adopted and complied with the decision on withdrawal of troops by 1.5 thousand kilometers from the Russian-Finnish border. However, in the case of Finland's entry into NATO Russia will return them back.

According to Putin, NATO is "happy to be at war with Russia until the last Finnish soldier."

"Do you need it? We don't. We don't want it. But you decide what's right for you," he said.

However, Putin stressed that Moscow would respect any choice of the Finnish people on the issue of joining NATO.

Photo: Internet