Russian President Vladimir Putin believes that it is necessary to agree upon the "key elements of Ukraine’s structure" with the pro-Russian militants in the Russia-occupied Donbas in Ukraine. He said this today in New York at the general debate on the world problems in the framework of the UN's 70th general assembly, reports UNIAN.

- The post-Soviet countries have been put in a false double bind – either to be with the West or the East. Sooner or later the logic of confrontation was bound to spark off a grave geopolitical crisis. This is exactly what happened in Ukraine where the discontent of the population with the current authorities was used and a military coup was orchestrated from the outside that triggered civil war as a result,” said Putin.

The Russia’s Head believes that only fully conscientious implementation of the Minsk Agreement of Feb. 12, 2015 can to stop the bloodshed and break the deadlock.