Moscow will sign a decree to “rehabilitate” Crimean Tatars and other peoples of Crimea who suffered from Stalin-era repression.

Russian President Vladimir Putin announced this during annual question-and-answer session in Moscow, April 17, ITAR-TASS reports.

“We are preparing a decree — I am working on this as well as my colleagues in the government and the presidential staff — for rehabilitation of Crimean Tatar people”- he said.

Other Crimean ethnic groups repressed by Stalin would also be rehabilitated, he said, listing Armenians, Germans and Greeks among them in a move reaching out to some 250,000 mainly Sunnite Tatars in a modern Crimea home to about 300 Muslim communities today.

“Crimean Tatar people suffered much during Stalin-epoch repressions and were deported from Crimea, from their homeland,” the president said. “We should do everything that depends on us to link the process of incorporation in the Russian Federation with rehabilitation and reinstatement of legitimate rights and interests of Crimean Tatar people”- he noted.