Putin’s Press Secretary sees no violations of Crimean Tatars’ rights

Putin’s Press Secretary made an official statement regarding a speech Ukrainian President Poroshenko is due to deliver at a September 29 meeting of the UN General Assembly in which he is going to address the issue of abuses of Crimean Tatars' rights.

21 September 2015 15:39

Allegations that Russia is violating the rights of Crimean Tatars are baseless and false, reports RIA Novosti news agency citing Dmitry Peskov.

“As gar as some baseless allegations about violations of Crimean Tatars’ rights are concerned, they will remain as such, i.e. baseless. What we have heard so far has been groundless and absolutely inconsistent with the actual situation in Crimea,” said Peskov.

Earlier on, UN reports on human rights abuses claimed that lawlessness and human rights violations are rampant in separatists-controlled areas of Donbass and Crimea.