(QHA) -

Putin’s call on separatists to postpone referendum in eastern Ukraine is farce.

Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine announced this in official statement on May 8.

Any 'terrorist referendums' in the east of our country are essentially illegal, thus, any calls for their postponement are not a manifestation of a good will, and are mere farce. Russia acted the same way in Crimea," the report said.

The statement comes after Russian President Vladimir Putin has asked pro-Russian separatists to postpone referendum on status of eastern regions of Ukraine set for May 11.

To be noted, Russia annexed Crimea peninsula following Crimea referendum on peninsula’s status.

Tension remains high in eastern Ukraine as separatist seized government buildings, took OSCE envoy hostage, seeking for the same referendums.

Still, according to the Constitution, regional referendums are banned in Ukraine.

Kyiv authorities have launched “anti terrorist” operation in east Ukraine.

The Security Service of Ukraine (SSU) stated about 14 dead and 66 wounded Ukrainian military during the whole period of anti-terrorist operation in east Ukraine.