Putin expects apologies and money from Turkey

According to Putin, the Turkish government is ‘willfully pushing Russian-Turkish relations into a dead end”.

26 November 2015 14:00

After accepting letters of credence from newly-appointed ambassadors, Russian President Vladimir Putin demanded apologies and compensation for the downed SU-24 fighter jet, TASS reports.

“We find it absolutely inexplicable that those who we consider partners and allies in the fight against terrorism stab us in the back,” said Putin.

Putin specified that he was referring to the incident involving a downed SU-24 fighter jet.

“We have been offered neither apologies nor suggestions on damage compensation, nor a promise to punish those responsible for committing the crime from the Turkish government yet,” Putin said.

According to Putin, failure to act of a number of countries and their abetting terrorism have led to ISIS coming into being.

“Let me remind you that failure to act of a number of countries and their frequent and direct abetting terrorism have led to such a monstrosity as ISSI coming into being,” said Putin.