(QHA) - During the meeting in Novo - Ogaryovo Russian President Vladimir Putin asked the leader of the Liberal Democratic Party Vladimir Zhirinovsky not to try to strengthen his support base to the detriment of the fundamental values of Russia, according to Islam.ru portal. " You have a stable electorate ... Therefore , I think it is not necessary to address to a particular part of your electorate in order to strengthen it to the detriment of the fundamental values of our country ", -said the president of Russia, according to the press service of the Kremlin. Zhirinovsky made his controversial statement in a political talk show on one of Russia’s main TV channels, Rossiya-1. Zhirinovsky said on the program that since the main terrorist threat in the country comes from the Caucasus, the whole region should be fenced off with barbed wire. “We must bring the military, police and FSB [Federal Security Service] there and impose a curfew”, he said. As we earlier reported, Zhirinovsky stressed he believes the main reason for the terrorists’ campaign in the Caucasus is overpopulation, suggesting huge fines for local families who have more than two children.