Putilov: Proper sanitary standards need to be adhered to

Andrey Putilov, Head of the Kherson Regional Administration, demanded that proper sanitary conditions be adhered to at checkpoints for the duration of blockade. He also tasked heads of the Genichesk and Kalanchak districts with monitoring the situation.

24 September 2015 13:28

“The regional authorities have ensured disposal of garbage, availability of toilet booths, as well as food and drinks at the checkpoints,” said Putilov. Putilov stressed that the area adjacent to the three checkpoints need to be duly maintained to ensure proper sanitary standards.

A blockade aimed at preventing trucks carrying food to Crimea from reaching their destination has been in place since September 20. The blockade’s organizers believe Ukrainian companies should stop doing business with Crimea which is currently occupied by the Russian Federation.