The Protesters have blocked several intersections along the perimeter of the parliament in the center of Moldova capital, RIA Novosti reports. The activists say that they want to detain Vlad Filat, former Prime Minister of Moldova and leader of the Liberal Democratic Party, who, in their opinion, wants to flee the country. 

According to the source, the police cordoned off the parliament and additional special forces were drawn up.

Renato Usatyi, leader of the ‘Our Party’ political party has called on protesters to check the cars on the road as he believes that Vlad Filat may leave the parliament and flee the country.
“We do not play by the rules of the Minister of Interior. Let’s the authorities fulfill the demands of the people,” Renato Usatyi said. 

The protests in Moldova began in early September. It was reported earlier that the citizens, dissatisfied with the government’s policy, took to streets of Chisinau city. The protesters accused the authorities of social and economic crisis. The people with flags of Moldova, Romania and the European Union could be seen during the rally.