If no measures are taken, the separatist sentiments, fueled in the region from the "outside", can have serious consequences.

This morning, Lenur Islyamov, the Head of the Crimean civil blockade, arrived at the place where unknown wrote, "Putin, save Genichesk citizens from Islyamov!"

- Some residents wrote it, others tried to remove in the morning. When we arrived, the inscription looked this way, Islyamov wrote on Facebook.

Islyamov says it is not the first time he see such examples:

- Similar inscriptions appeared at the railway station, "Novoalekseevka citizen, don’t be a patriot!"

A certain part of the population residing in Kherson region, which borders Russia-occupied Crimea, has been demonstrating pro-Russian stance for a long time with a group of provocateurs, who work in the region, only fueling the speculation. Recently, they have circulated rumors about the soldiers with the Ukraine’s Armed Forces saying the latter allegedly do harm to local population. Gossips about a stable situation in Crimea and inaccurate information on the blockade participants are also their work.

Some facts cannot go unnoticed. So, the recent traitors, who fled the region for the sake of Russia-occupied Crimea, still have a powerful influence on local leaders. Some of the MPs of the district councils defiantly refuse to sing the Ukrainian national anthem at the meetings allegedly having "their position" on everything going on ... And much more ...

- Prednestrovsky scenario is afoot for Kherson region, says Islyamov.

As an example, Jan 4, at Chongar checkpoint the civic blockade activists along with the intelligence agencies stopped a "Russian March" permitted by local administration.