Kyiv (QHA) - Thousands of protesters in the Ukrainian capital city Kyiv have been forced to relocate their demonstrations after Maidan Square was blocked off by police, reports Euronews. From Saturday, mass street rallies have been held in Mykhailivska Square, near to one of Kyiv’s biggest cathedrals. Chanting ‘together until the end’, protesters hope their location in front of a house of worship will prevent Ukrainian authorities and riot police from using force against peaceful demonstrators. Eugenia Tymoshenko and Vladimir Klitschko were among those who came out in support of the passionate crowds. The violence against pro-EU demonstrators has provoked the resignation of several of President Yanukovych’s MPs, with many people also calling for him to resign. Sunday’s demonstration is expected to call for the resignation of the cabinet. In addition, protest leaders have spoken with EU officials, calling for sanctions to be placed on those responsible for the violence.