(QHA) -

At its session on February 19, the Crimean Parliament will consider an appeal to the President of Ukraine to approve May 18 as an all-Ukrainian day of remembrance of Crimean deportation victims. The establishment of a museum of peoples, deported from Crimea will also be considered.

This was said by Enver Abduraimov, head of Crimean Parliament’s committee on interethnic relations and deported citizens during the meeting of Crimean deputies with students and professors of the Crimean Engineering and Pedagogical University.

“During the upcoming session we plan to consider an appeal to the President, so that May 18 becomes an-all Ukrainian day of remembrance of deportation victims, along with day of remembrance of holocaust victims and day of remembrance of Holodomor victims,” informed Abduraimov.

According to him, the establishment of the museum of deportation this year, on the 70th anniversary of deportation is also being considered.

“70 years is a long time. There are less and less people left who have survived deportation. Therefore, we need to preserve the memory of these events for our descendants and for those who visit Crimea, in order for them to be familiar with the processes that took place in Crimea in 1944,” said the deputy.

To recall, on February 10, deputies of the Crimean Parliament visited the Crimean Industrial and Pedagogical University.