Ukrainian President Pyotr Poroshenko visited the Taras Shevchenko University where he met with its personnel and talked to the students about changes that the judicial system will soon undergo.

“This is a historic mission of our generation of politicians and common citizens who have a unique mission to change or simply create a new system! And we will hand this newly created system down to our subsequent generations,” said Poroshenko.

Poroshenko said his goal is to make sure that all judges strictly abide by the law, even though the government he is in charge of inherited the legacy of corruption, dependence of the judicial system on politicians and reliance on oligarchs.

“Of course, I am not talking about all judges. And, surely, there are true patriots, citizens and professionals among Ukrainian judges that any country can be proud of. However, I’m talking about those of them that need to be replaced as soon as possible,” said Poroshenko.

According to Poroshenko, solving the current problems of the judicial system will require changing ‘the rules of the game’ and using effective ways of replacing judges.

“The first step in this direction was a law called ‘On Ensuring Citizens’ Rights For Fair Trial’ adopted in the first quarter of this year. The law is very important because it helped make efficient bodies responsible for promotion and prosecution of judges. I am talking about the Supreme Council of Justice and the Higher Qualification Committee of Judges,” said the Ukrainian President during his meeting with the University’s students.