Yalta (QHA) - Preliminary Results of the Elections of Qurultay Delegates in Yalta Revealed

According to the preliminary results of the elections of delegates of Qurultay of the Crimean Tatar nation of the 6th convocation in Yalta, the Milliy Haq Bloc leads the election. This was told to QHA by Head of the Qurultay’s Central Election Commission Zahir Smedlâ.

The head of the Central Election Commission said that these were still preliminary results. The Milliy Haq Bloc is in the lead, with the NGO Inkişaf as runners-up and the Crimean Federation of National Wrestling Kureş in the third place.

"The final results will be announced on June 18, after the committee meeting and examination of complaints," Z. Smedlâ said.

He also noted that the Ukraine-wide result of election of Qurultay delegates would be announced this week.

"The final results of the elections in Ukraine will be announced as early as this week

Regarding the vote in Uzbekistan, at the moment there is a negotiation process under way with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA of the Republic of Uzbekistan - Ed.). So I am not prepared to say.

It is to be recalled that the election of delegates of Qurultay of the Crimean Tatar nation are held under a new electoral system on the basis of universal, equal and direct suffrage by secret ballot.

The elections are carried out on a mixed (majority-proportional) system, with 200 delegates being elected under the majority system of relative majority in multi-mandate constituencies, and 50 delegates being elected under proportional representation in a single multi-mandate electoral constituency according to the election lists of Crimean Tatar social and political organizations and their blocs.

Evelina İlâs