(QHA) -

The Prague City Hall refuses to take part in the organisation of the official visit of Ukraine´s President Viktor Yanukovych to Czech Republic, Prague Mayor Tomas Hudecek said, as cited by Ceske Noviny.

"I can see no reason why Prague should participate in the visit under the present circumstances, Hudecek noted. Prague is against the idea of Yanukovych visiting the Czech Republic", he said.

At the same time, the Prague City will give half a million crowns to Ukrainian protesters who got injured in clashes with the police earlier this year. The money will be sent via the People in Need humanitarian organisation, which has been already providing support to the pro-EU demonstrators in Ukraine, FIA reports.

As reported, Czech President Milos Zeman invited Yanukovych to Prague for April 2014.

Yanukovych is also to attend an Eastern Partnership meeting in Prague in April, too.