Some areas of Crimea have been forced to go without power after one of the four power lines supplying electricity to them was put out of operation. Located next to the villages of Ataman and Chongar, the power line via which electricity is supplied en route Melitopol-Jankoy-Simferopol, was damaged by unidentified individuals

Some areas in occupied Crimea have been experiencing power outages due to a damaged power line which supplied 25% of Crimea’s total electricity needs.

Public activists, who have been staying on the site, have prevented personnel of a power provider from making repairs to the power line. Thus, power supply to Crimea en route Melitopol-Jankoy has been effectively cut off, with the other three power lines remaining operational.

According to Lenur Islyamov, ATR TV Channel’ owner, Ukrainian power providers are supportive of the idea of a power blockade, because they realize this is something that has to be done.

Lenur Islyamov went on to say that ‘mainland Ukraine will also be partially damaged due to the blockade but we’re doing everything to minimize the problems’.