(QHA) -

Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko spoke Crimean Tatar during the 2015 New Year speech.

Here is a full text of the adress:

Dear, beloved compatriots!

The year that passes was the hardest one for the past seven decades, since 1945. An aggressive enemy put our lives, territory, freedom and independence at risk. But whole nation, young and old, stood up to protect the motherland. We will certainly win this war for our native land, because for us it is fair. The truth is on our side! God is with us!

Before we fill up our glasses, a minute before the twelve strokes of the clock that will announce arrival of the new year, and before we sign "Ukraine has not yet died", altogether, accompanied by whole Ukraine, let's commemorate the warriors who gave away their lives for Ukraine, and those civilians who were killed by the aggressor.

I am grateful to everyone who contributed to protecting the country. I am proud that belong to such a great European nation as ours.

Last year's slogan was "United country" - Yedyna krayina in Ukrainian, Edinaya strana in Russian, Bir devlet in Crimean Tatar.

Hard challenges made us stronger. As people we became undivided, turning into a much stronger political Ukrainian nation.

The year of 2015 will not be easy. But I believe that it will become a part of the history as a year of deep reforms that will open a path to a membership in the European Union. This is our dream that we will bring into life together.

Today I also wish all of us long awaited, long lasting peace.

Let the prophesy of Taras Shevchenko come true: "And on a renewed earth will be no enemy, but a son, and a mother, and people!"

Happy New Year, dear compatriots!

Ян’и йилиниз хайирли олсун, азіз ватандашлар!

С Новым годом, дорогие соотечественники!

З Новим роком, дорогі співвітчизники!

Wish you peace, happiness and joy!

Happy New Year, Ukraine!