The Central Election Commission (CEC) officially declared Petro Poroshenko the President of Ukraine elected in the early presidential elections on May 25.

Poroshenko scored the majority of votes - 54.7% (9,857,308 people).

In keeping with Article 104 of the Constitution, President-elect assumes office not later than 30 days after official announcement of the election returns, immediately upon taking oath to the Ukrainian nation at a solemn parliament session.

Although, President elected at early elections must be sworn in within five days from the official announcement of the results (not later than June 7).

As we earlier reported, exit polls on May 25 indicated that Ukrainian confectionery tycoon Petro Poroshenko secured an absolute majority in the first round of voting.

Speaking shortly after the exit-poll results were announced, Poroshenko said his first mission as president was to "end war and bring the peace".