Poroshenko: Occupants resumed Stalin's policy against Crimean Tatars

The President of Ukraine will tell about the raids on Crimean Tatars during a speech at the Munich Security Conference on February 13.

13 February 2016 10:29

The occupants’ behaviour in Crimea is nothing but a resumption of Stalin's repressive policy against the Crimean Tatars, the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko wrote on Facebook in response to mass searches and detentions in Crimea on February 11-12.

- Ukraine calls upon the international community to pay attention to mass violations of the rights of indigenous Crimean inhabitants and facilitate the speedy de-occupation of Crimea, according to the Poroshenko.

He stressed that February, 13 he would raise the issue during a speech at the Munich Security Conference.

The Ukraine’s President also shared on Facebook a link to a video showing how Special Police Forces detained the Crimean Tatars.

Photo: RIA Novosti