Today, February, 13 the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko started his speech at the Munich Security Conference, with a response to the words by Russia’s President about "the civil war in Ukraine," reports

- There is no civil war in Ukraine, but only Putin's aggression. This is not a civil war in Crimea, but Russian troops that occupied the peninsula, said Poroshenko.

The Head of Ukraine went on saying that every year the international security issues become more and more important. According to him, Putin is now trying to create an alternative Europe.

- Isolationism, intolerance and disrespect for human rights are an alternative Europe, which now has its leader - Vladimir Putin, said Poroshenko.

The Ukraine’s Presidet explained Putin that sanctions are not a punishment, but a way to bring Russia back to a negotiating table.

Ukraine, according to his forecast, will become a successful country, which will tackle corruption, develop the economy, while the unity with Europe will only assist in it.

According to the Duma Opposition MP Dmitry Gudkov, the Ukrainian President's speech was very emotional and caused loud applause.

- It was a very emotional speech, the hall applauded many times, Gudkov wrote on Twitter.

Photo: Internet