Ukrainian President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko has said he will not renew a cease-fire and Ukrainian forces will go on the offensive against rebels in eastern Ukraine.

“We will attack and liberate our land. Termination of cease-fire is our response to terrorists, insurgents, marauders, everyone who tortures civilians, paralyzes the economy of the region, disrupts payments of salaries, pensions, scholarships, blasts the railroad, destroys the water pipes and deprives people of normal peaceful life,” – reads the statement on presidential website.

The statement came after Poroshenko met with his security chiefs.

Boths sides have accused each other of breaking the cease-fire.  

A statement tweeted by the Ukraine's Foreign Ministry said 27 Ukrainian soldiers had been killed since the cease-fire began on June 20.

However, Poroshenko said he was willing to return to a cease-fire "at any moment" if it became clear that all sides were ready to carry out all aspects of the peace plan, including the freeing of hostages and creating effective border controls.