In an address delivered in Kiev’s Mikhailovskaya Square, the Ukrainian President congratulated Ukrainians on the Defender’s Day.

“On the holiday of Pokrova, we are resurrecting an ancient tradition of honoring defenders of our country, the ones who are now protecting our border in eastern Ukraine. We have forgotten that peace does not come by default but has to be fought for. There was a period of tranquility in our country, during which the Armed Forces were neglected, corruption was rampant and Russian special services were omnipresent. However, after the Maidan revolution we created the National Guard. The aggressor could not even imagine what the Ukrainian people are capable of. By resurrecting our Armed Forces, we have passed the hardest test of statehood. Today, Ukraine is in a position to implement reforms. At the UN General Assembly in New York, Ukrainian activists unfolded a half-burned Ukrainian flag that survived the encirclement of Illovaysk and became a symbol of the resilience of the Ukrainian people. Wise is not the one who makes mistakes but the one who learns from them,” said Poroshenko.

The ‘Power of the Undefeated’ exhibition featuring military hardware and weapons and marked to commemorate the Defender’s Day has also been launched today.

When opening the exhibition, the President said that it features not only Ukrainian-produced military equipment but also equipment of Ukraine’s allies. He thanked Ukraine’s partners, whose lethal weapons Ukraine badly needs today, for their support.