Ukrainian President Pyotr Poroshenko posted a message on his Facebook page saying that Aivaras Abromyavichus, Minister for Economic Development and Trade, should not resign.

“I had a talk with Aivaras Abromyavichus, whom I invited to join our team, granted him Ukrainian citizenship and recommended him as a candidate for Economy Minister to the Solidarity faction. Aivaras confirmed that ever since he joined the government he enjoyed full support of his reform initiatives both from myself and the National Reform Council. I pledge to continue providing him with the same kind of support. I believe Aivaras should not resign and get on with the reforms. He left saying he needed time to think it over,” Poroshenko wrote.

According to the President, accusations Abromyavichus made against Igor Kononenko should be investigated by the National Anticorruption Bureau.

It was reported earlier that Aivaras Abromyavichus announced on February 3 that he would resign as Minister for Economic Development and Trade because some government members were actively resisting his reform efforts.