After seeing Nadezhda Savchenko at a pre-trial detention center on March 14, her lawyer Nikolay Polozov said Nadezhda’s health condition has significantly improved.

“I went to see her at the pre-trial detention center. Thanks God, she is getting better. She is drinking water and multivitamin drink mixes. She looks a lot better than she did a week ago,” Polozov writes.  

According to Polozov, her temperature is back to normal but her blood pressure remains low (100/60). However, Nadezhda Savchenko is in high spirits after having put to shame the FSS and prankers who tried to deceive her supporters.  

“Nadezhda is dead set on walking down the path she’s chosen. And judging by her upbeat mood, she’s ready to move mountains,” Polozov concludes.  

It was reported earlier that Mark Feigin, Savchenko’s second lawyer, is going to file a lawsuit against the prankers who sent Nadezhda a fake letter allegedly written by Ukrainian President Pyotr Poroshenko.