Under the agreement on electricity supplies to Crimea, Ukraine is to supply Crimea with electricity until December 2015. Refat Chubarov, Mejlis Chairman, has suggested refraining from prolonging agreement on electricity supplies to Crimea, a QHA journalist reports from the Verkhovna Rada.

“While dozens of political prisoners are being held in FSS (the Federal Security Service of Russia) prisons, Ukraine is continuing to supply Crimea with electricity. We cannot let the government continue taking such decisions,” said Chubarov.

According to Vladimir Demchishin, Minister for Power and Coal Industry, cutting electricity supplies will mostly affect common people, because all strategically important facilities in Crimea are equipped with backup power generators, which ensure uninterrupted power supply in case of power failure.

“It is common people who will be affected. Until a political decision is taken, we will continue fulfilling our obligations”, Demchishin said.