(QHA) -

The observation mission of the Polish Senate has not recorded any serious irregularities during the parliamentary elections in Ukraine, mission head Lukasz Abgarowicz has said.

"The Senate mission has been in Kharkiv since Friday. We monitored the beginning of the election campaign, the 'day of silence.' Yesterday, our mission monitored the election process at 48 commissions... These are the best elections ever held in Ukraine. There are almost no remarks to the end of the election campaign or the 'day of silence,'" he said at a press conference in Kyiv on Monday.

Comparing the current elections with the parliamentary elections of 2012, in which he was also an observer, Abgarowicz noted that there were also few incidents in commissions at that time, but they were less organized. In addition, the 2012 elections were marked with very tangible administrative pressure and the absence of equality in access to the media.

"But we also recognized those elections, and there were sufficient grounds to recognize those elections. And what we saw today is huge progress towards democracy," Abgarowicz said.