Today, about 200 special forces arrived at the village of Chongar to break the resistance of the Crimean Tatars and other activists disallowing repairers to refit the blown up transmission power lines supplying electricity to the Russia- occupied Crimea.

The activists strongly opposed the actions of law enforcement officers. Many expressed willingness to prevent transmission lines repair, as well as restoration of electricity supply at the cost of their lives. One of the on-the-spot photos shows an activist who, risking his life, protests staying in the damaged power line.

One of the blockade participant Elvin Seytbullaeva wrote today on Facebook:

- Previously, we were standing together at checkpoints. Now, they pointed their guns at the blockade participants. The police led by Kiva are now on the opposite side.

According to the latest data, currently the law enforcement officers have left the scene of the peaceful rally.