On her Facebook page, Natalya Poklonskaya, ‘Prosecutor General of Crimea’, explained why she carried an icon of Nicolas 2 and not photos of her relatives who fought in WWII during a procession in Simferopol called ‘Immortal Regiment’.

“A lot of WWII veterans told me they had visions of the Virgin Mary and Russian Tsar Nicholas II. The two helped them survive in the most desperate and hopeless situations during WWII,” Poklonskaya wrote, adding that other employees of the Prosecutor Office did carry photos of their relatives.

It is up to Poklonskaya whether or not to worship deceased or incumbent monarchs, but it is worth mentioning that the ideology of monarchy was frowned upon back in the days of the Soviet Union, while the country’s official anthem up until 1943 was The International which had the following refrain: “There are no supreme saviours -neither God, nor Caesar, nor tribune”.

That is precisely why Poklonskaya’s claim that an orange and black ribbon (a symbol widely used by the Vlasov Army) will be worn in Ukraine again strikes one as totally outrageous.