(QHA) - Only four days after it was launched, a petition calling for sanctions against President Viktor Yanukovych and top members of his government has gathered more than 100,000 signatures online, according to Kyiv Post. That means that the request may go to U.S. President Barack Obama for a possible response, but it doesn't mean that the American leader will necessarily take any of the actions sought -- a visa ban and a freeze on any bank accounts that Ukrainian leaders may have in America. Any sanctions would be controversial and require support not only from the Obama administration, but also the U.S. Congress. As reported, the petition drive was triggered by the government's Nov. 21 decision to suspend its talks for European Union integration. It appeared on Nov. 26 at White House official web-site. The petition asks U.S. President Barack Obama to impose personal sanctions on Yanukovych and the Cabinet of Ministers. The petition needed to get 100,000 signatures by Dec. 26 in hopes of a White House response.