The US Department of Defense [Pentagon - Ed.] called a joint military operation of the Turkish Armed Forces and the Air Force of the International coalition "Euphrates Shield" a very important strategic step towards the elimination of the terrorist organization ISIL near the Turkish-Syrian border.

Pentagon Press Secretary Geoff Davis said that the Azez-Jarablus line [the line along the Turkish-Syrian border cleared of ISIL terrorists - Ed.] reduces the possibility of a terrorist organization ISIL to increase its membership and "export terrorism" outside Syria. It is quite a severe blow to the terrorist groups.

The Pentagon once again assured that the Kurdish fighters of the PYD organization [Kurdish terrorists in Syria - Ed.] relocated to the East of the Euphrates River, and continue to discuss the further plans to combat ISIL with the United States.

The "Euphrates Shield" is a joint military operation carried out by the special operation groups with the Turkish Armed Forces and the Air Forces of the international coalition against ISIL terrorist organization in Syria, which started in the early morning of August, 24. The main objectives of the offensive are to clear the frontier regions from IS terrorists, ramp up the border security, provide support for the territorial integrity in Syria, as well as to prevent the creation of so-called "Kurdish corridor” on the southern border.

Photo: Internet