(QHA) - Peaceful demonstrations are taking place all over Ukraine. Thousands of protesters from the Ukrainian regions had also come to Kiev for a peaceful opposition rally. People demand the resignation of Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych and his government over Yanukovych’s decision to suspend signing of Association Agreement with EU. Today, on December 3, about 500 people are holding a rally near the building of the Ukrainian Cabinet of Ministers and are blocking all entrances demanding the resignation of the current government. The rally is held peacefully, people are chanting slogans, activists block all entrances and exits to the building and two tents have been set near the Cabinet of Ministers building, an Interfax-Ukraine correspondent reported. Activists have blocked traffic at three nearby streets. About ten buses with Berkut special police force are parked near the central entrance to the governmental building and some Berkut officers stand in the street near the protesters. A police cordon separates Berkut officers and protesters. The situation near the office of the Ukrainian president is calm and almost no protesters are there. The building is still guarded by police. A group of about 300 people have separated from protesters near the Cabinet of Ministers building and have started for Shovkovychna Street when they heard that police would not let people in there. People approached the intersection of two streets and were stopped by several buses that blocked the street and prevented people from passing.