(QHA) - Ukraine made a pause in signing of an Association Agreement and the free trade area with the EU in order to solve outstanding economic problems and develop mechanisms for protection of national producers. President of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovych has said about this in an interview to representatives of Ukrainian mass media, Ukrinform reports. “We have made a pause in order to find an answer, and this is a very principled issue for us: on what conditions we sign the free trade area agreement. And currently, the government should give an answer, which now cooperates with associations of commodity producers, experts, scientists, and others,” the Head of state noted. According to him, this work should be transparent, with participation of associations of commodity producers, the public, mass media, so that all should have possibility to see both the advantages and shortcomings of this agreement. “This is work, which has not been timely done,” Viktor Yanukovych said. He noted that the government at parliamentary hearings should report “why the public, associations of commodity producers, whom this agreement primarily concerns, were not fully familiarized with it.” “When we with you see that such conditions suit us, this is financially profitable and here we protect our national interests, undoubtedly, a positive decision will be taken. If in the process of this work we will have to fulfill any work, about which we speak, at the tripartite level - we have such agreements with the EU and Russia that we will consider those issues, which should be considered in the tripartite format,” the President noted.