(QHA) -

The Palestinian authorities are expecting Russia to put forward new Middle East settlement initiatives, Palestinian Ambassador in Moscow Fayed Mustafa said, VOR reports.

"We would like to note that Russian diplomats have had a prominent part in the successful promotion of the resolution of the Iranian problem and we pin large hopes on Russian diplomats and [expect] them to put forward new initiatives for the settlement of the Palestinian problem, as well," he told a press conference in Moscow on Monday.

Referring to the planned Geneva II international peace conference for Syria, the ambassador suggested holding a similar event with the purpose of resolving the Palestinian-Israeli problem.

"Probably, another Geneva conference should be held, it could the third or the fourth, for resolving the Palestinian problem," Mustafa said.

"When I spoke about Geneva I did not mean precisely that geographic location. For instance, it has been suggested that a Middle East peace conference be held in Moscow. Why not make this conference a new "Geneva" to solve the Palestinian problem?" he proposed.