(QHA) -

The Parliamentary Assembly of the Organization for Cooperation and Security in Europe (OSCE PA) condemns Russia's actions against Ukraine and urges the Russian Federation to stop interfering in Ukraine's internal affairs, the OSCE PA twitted.

The OSCE PA declaration on condemning Russia's actions in Ukraine was approved by 92 votes with 30 against and 27 abstained, expressing strong support for the sovereignty, political independence, unity and territorial integrity of Ukraine, the press-release noted.

The Assembly considers the referendum held on March 16 in Crimea illegitimate and an illegal act, and its results have no legal force.

The resolution expresses appeal to all 57 OSCE member countries not to recognize Russia's annexation of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea.

"The OSCE Parliamentary Assembly calls upon all the member states to mutually support and fully justify the international response to this crisis," the press-release stressed.