To prevent multiple human rights abuses in Crimea from being reported, the Russian authorities have restricted access to the peninsula to members of international monitoring organizations. After visiting the Verkhovna Rada on November 15, Ilkka Kanerva, President of the OSCE Parliamentary Assembly, said that the situation with ethnic minorities rights in Crimea is continuing to deteriorate.

“The situation in Crimea is extremely delicate and complicated.  According to a report we released several weeks ago, ethnic minorities rights in Crimea are being abused, Ilkka Kanerva said.

The President of the OSCE Parliamentary Assembly emphasized that the organization faces serious problems preventing it from operating in Crimea. Despite the efforts of international institutions, the situation is not improving, thus making it impossible for OSCE to do its work properly in the region.

“Even though everyone realizes the importance of the OSCE mission operating in Crimea, I am, unfortunately, not very optimistic about the today’s situation. We are constantly trying to get an authorization to work in Crimea and keep hoping for the better. We will continue to apply all efforts to do that,” said Ilkka Kanerva.