(QHA) -

Monitors from the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe have arrived in eastern Ukraine April 20.

Ukraine's foreign minister Andriy Deshchytsia said after meeting officials from the OSCE, that the monitors will help ease tensions in the region and enact the Geneva agreement, signed on Thursday between the US, Russia, Ukraine and the EU. 

"The leadership of the OSCE monitoring mission is going to Donetsk to prepare practical ways of implementing the provisions of the Geneva document on the ground with the leadership of the region within one to two days. We also agreed that we will hold regular consultations in this format despite days off or holidays," Deshchytsia said.

Russia, Ukraine, the US and the EU signed an agreement this week in Geneva aimed at de-escalating the tension in Ukraine. One of the key points in it is disarming militias and paramilitary units in the country. But neither Right Sector and similar pro-Maidan groups nor the anti-Maidan militias in the east seem to be willing to take the first step.